Forever Pet Walnut Photo Urn

The Walnut Photo Urn is designed for pet owners who wish to display their favorite pet's 4" x 6", Horizontal or Vertical photograph. This urn style is crafted from beautiful Walnut wood creating a truly lasting memorial to your beloved pet. Each urn style comes with an acrylic window, which slides out of the bottom of each 'opened' urn for easy access

**Bronze engraved name plaque is INCLUDED in the price of this urn.

Size L x W x H * Pet Size ** Price
Medium 9" x 4" x 6" 0-80 lb. pets $79.00 + Tax
Large 9" x 5" x 6" 81+ lb. pets $109.00 + Tax
* Approximate Urn Dimensions      ** Approximate Live Weight of Pet